Why Your Website Ranking Might Drops on Google Search Result


Google is the most popular search engine that is widely used by online businesses as their marketing tool by using the website as a medium. Therefore, so that the online site can be found by Google and potential buyers, you need to optimize it.

One way is to use SEO services. Maybe some people have done this one marketing strategy so that their website gets the best ranking in search engines.

This is because the higher the website ranks, the customers can quickly find your business. That way, the potential increase in the number of visitors and sales will also increase.

But unfortunately, sometimes the best efforts you have made do not produce results and are not in accordance with expectations.

Please note, the failure is caused by several factors that you must find out to find a solution.

Reasons for Website Ranking to Drop

There are several things that can make a website’s ranking go down. What are they? Check out this article to the end because we have prepared it for you.

1. Keyword Competition Level

Keyword competition will certainly affect the position of the website to be ranked best on Google. The heavier the competition, the more difficult it will be to get a ranking, and sometimes even experience ups and downs.

The reason is that those who target these keywords are not only you, but there are many hundreds to thousands of sites out there that compete as well.

2. The Existence of the Same Content

Without realizing it or not, the next cause of website ranking drops is that there is similar or the same content. Whether you do it yourself or competitors, it will both reduce the ranking of sites on Google. This is because search engines find it difficult to find the original owner regarding the content.

3. Google Makes Algorithm Changes

Generally, Google will use algorithms that they always regularly update so that search engine users like us get comfort and convenience. However, sometimes this will have an impact on websites that are already ranking.

4. Loading Old Website

When visitors open your website but the loading takes a long time, they will automatically leave it. In addition to getting a bounce rate, it will also keep you from getting traffic. Therefore, immediately improve the speed of the website if it is not appropriate.

5. Not Creating Content Consistently

Do you know if regularly created content will create and maintain a website’s ranking position on Google? This happens because the more you create quality content it will get good results too.

Therefore, a successful businessman will always create an interesting content strategy that has been well arranged. You can try it by creating a weekly schedule to manage the time of content to be more consistent.

6. Websites Are Not Mobile Friendly

Everyone who accesses the internet must use different devices. That’s why you are encouraged to create a website that is easily accessible to anyone with various devices.

In addition, search engines will also prioritize the appearance of mobile friendly websites to rank high.

Well, those are some of the causes of website rankings dropping. Because in essence, if your website wants to be ranked best, make sure it meets all the wants and needs of Google.

Well, if your website has decreased or feels that it is not in accordance with Google standards, then just consult our team. We are ready to check your website and fix the flaws so that your website can be ranked best again.



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