6 Reasons Why Websites Don’t Bring In Potential Customers


Already have a website but sales don’t increase? Maybe you already know that the website is a 24-hour non stop seller tool. But why doesn’t your website bring in potential customers when you’ve created a website from a few years ago? Now you need to know that to bring in potential customers online is not just about creating a website but there are many aspects.

If you are still confused about why your website does not bring in potential customers, maybe this article was useful to you. Because in this article we will discuss the causes of the website not bringing in quality customers. So if you want to find out why your website is not generating sales, you must read this article to the end.

For online business people, having a website is a must because a website is an effective promotional medium to increase sales. But that doesn’t mean that after creating a website customers immediately flock to visit your website. But there are efforts that you must make, for example, content marketing, website maintenance, optimizing the website, making the website more up-to-date and so on.

Now for more complete information, we have prepared the discussion in detail and clearly specifically for you. Let’s learn more below !

Causes of Websites Not Bringing In Potential Customers

We believe that your goal of building a website is not only to increase credibility but also to increase sales. Because indeed the function of the website is to help bring in quality sales. Well if you are currently experiencing problems in increasing sales even though you already have a website. The following are the reasons why websites do not bring in customers that you should know:

1. Your Website Does Not Meet the Standards

If you built a website a few years ago, maybe your website is not SEO friendly, mobile friendly and responsive. This is one of the reasons why your website is empty of visitors. Because to provide a great user experience a website must be created to please users.

And what must be on the website at this time is a supportive design and an attractive appearance. Namely your website must be SEO friendly to facilitate the optimization process. In addition, your website must be mobile friendly and responsive to reach smartphone users. Because search engine users like Google are dominated by smartphone users.

Not only that, but your website should have an attractive appearance and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Your website must have a clear and simple layout and navigation. So that visitors don’t get dizzy when visiting your website. This will also make it easier for them to convert.

So if you feel that your website has not met the standards expected by search engines and users, it means you need to make changes to your website. You can redesign the website or create a new website that is more supportive.

2. Your Website is not Optimized / Maintenance

To bring in potential customers, your website must appear on page 1 of search engine search results. One of the efforts you can make in displaying a website on the front page of search engines is to do optimization / maintenance. Because websites that rank high in search results have a greater chance of coming visitors.

The benefit of optimizing a website is to improve ranking higher in search engines. You can optimize your website with SEO, Content marketing or search engine ads such as Google Ads. This is an effective way to get your website right in front of your target audience in search engines. Because this method is a method that targets people who are right on target.

In addition to optimization, you also need to do maintenance on your website. Website maintenance is very important because it can affect the performance of your website. The purpose of doing maintenance on the website is to keep the website performing as it should. In addition, it can also help improve rankings if you consistently post useful content to the target audience.

3. Lack of a Product Strategy

What makes your online business fail is because you don’t have an effective product strategy. You must know that product strategy is very influential on increasing sales. You must design and execute an effective product strategy to bring in more customers.

The product strategy can be a price that matches your product/service. To find the right price you can analyze your competitors and then compare with your product or service. After that you can determine the price you offer for your product / service. Make sure your product or service has advantages over your competitors to appeal to your potential customers.

Not only the price affects the increase in sellers but also the method of promotion. You need to do promotions tailored to your target audience. For example, by presenting interesting and useful content and then sharing it on social media to reach social media users.

But if your business doesn’t have a product strategy no matter how good your website is, it can’t attract the target audience to buy. Therefore if you don’t currently have a product strategy make it as early as possible.

4. Refraction of Target Market

Do you imagine if you target your target market wrong? How you can bring in potential customers while your target market alone is not right. This is one of the triggers for your website not bringing in quality customers which in the end does not increase sales.

Wrongly targeting the target market is a fatal mistake in online business. Because no matter how good the online marketing strategy is, if you target your market incorrectly, it will not produce anything. One of the things that can bring in quality customers is targeting your business market.

In promoting a website, it is also necessary to analyze your target market. It aims to find an effective marketing strategy in bringing in customers. If you use content marketing in promoting your website, then you need to use the right keywords. You need to do keyword research to find relevant keywords related to your industry.

You should use these keywords in content creation that can later help bring in quality customers. You can create content such as articles, images, infographics or videos using relevant keywords. Using industry-related keywords will go a long way in bringing in the right people.

5. Inconsistent in Promoting Your Website

You must know that jumping into online marketing means that you need to be consistent in running it. Moreover, in promoting a website, you must consistently and regularly make new posts and do maintenance gradually. If you stop doing promotions when your website gets ranked higher in search engines it is the wrong decision.

Because even though your website is already on page 1 of the search engine you must still optimize consistently. Because there are thousands of competitors who snatch the rankings you have. So if you stop doing website promotion, it will jeopardize your business position in search engines. This means that your ranking can be shifted by your competitors because you stop optimizing your website.

So if you are inconsistent in promoting your website, this will greatly impact the decline in rankings and visitors. If the rankings and visitors decline then it will automatically have an impact on your online sales.

6. Not Using Professional Internet Marketing Services

We are sure that busy online business people will find it difficult to do internet marketing on their own. Because running internet marketing covers many aspects so it takes more focus and time. That’s why you need to use the services of an internet marketing professional to help you do effective internet marketing.

When you don’t do the right online marketing strategy, it certainly affects your website visitors. If you don’t or use the wrong internet marketing provider, of course, this also affects the improvement of your website, right? So it can be concluded that using the wrong internet service provider is also the cause of your website not getting potential customers.

So make sure you only use a professional internet marketing service provider. Using an internet marketing provider can ease your work so you can focus on selling your business. Internet marketing service providers such as Web Studios can help you in increasing website rankings and visitors so that it can help increase your business sales.

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