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4 Ways to Choose the Right Keywords For SEO Strategy

4 Ways to Choose the Right Keywords For SEO Strategy

If you ask if there is an easy way or step to choose the right keywords for an SEO strategy, then this is where you will find the answer. Because one of the keys to a successful SEO strategy is to involve keywords that are relevant to your industry.

Without involving relevant keywords and having search volume, no matter how good your marketing strategy is, it will not bring in online customers. Because keywords are the spearhead in increasing sales, so you must really choose them appropriately.

Because using keywords should not be careless, then you need to know how to choose the right keywords to improve your SEO strategy. By knowing the steps of choosing the right keywords your online marketing will be a success.

But before we get to the discussion of how to choose keywords, it’s a good idea to first know the factors that make quality keywords. If you choose quality keywords for your marketing strategy, this is great for your sales.

What Makes a High-Quality Keyword?

In the selection of keywords must really match your target audience, if it does not match, no matter how many visitors you get will not lead to conversions. Now for that you must first know what makes quality keywords.

So what makes a keyword high quality and delivers results? There are three types of search intent that you need to consider in using the right keywords with which you want to target. Namely navigational, informational, and commercial / transactional.

  • Navigation – This is the type of keyword used to find a specific web page e.g. StudioWeb, this is what the navigation keyword Direct direction on brand names or domain names.
  • Informational – If you’ve ever typed in a keyword e.g. “what’s the best television brand” or a question keyword, it’s an informational keyword type.
  • Commercial – This type of keyword is used by searchers to learn more about one or more specific products or services to compare their choices. For example, between Samsung vs Polytron

In addition, great keywords are also determined by relevance. authority and volume. That’s why you should choose relevant keywords related to your industry at once that have search volume. This means keywords that are often typed by your target audience.

By using keywords that are voluminous according to your industry, this can help bring in the right visitors. The people who visit are those who are indeed interested in what you have to offer.

Things You Need to Do When Doing Keyword Research

You must know that there are 3 different aspects of keyword quality that you need to consider. What are they? Just take a look below:

  1. Relenvasi – Keyword relevance is a keyword that meets the needs of searchers. This means keywords used by users to find the info they need. If you use specific keywords, your content will be ranked higher by search engines. Web content that answers the target audience’s questions can be one of the best resources to generate more quality traffic.
  2. Authority – If you want to position your brand as an authority in your industry, then you need to increase your authority by presenting informative and useful content with promote your content on social media networks.
  3. Volume – Being on page one of search engine search results for a particular query is good, but if the query is not searched by the person it will be useless. Because there is no real benefit to getting quality visitors. Therefore, when you choose keywords, choose keywords that have search volume so that your content can generate leads.

Easy Ways to Choose the Right Keywords in the Best SEO Strategy

If you want your website to generate rankings and potential visitors, then you need to engage quality keywords for web content creation. In order for the content you create to bring in quality leads, you need to do the following steps.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Specification

When you first run online marketing, of course, you have already determined your goal of doing it, right? And when you do SEO on a website, of course you have the main goal that must be realized, right?

Well then what is your main goal? Is it the increase in traffic that increases sales? Or do you have other goals for your website? Whatever your goals are, of course you need to be as specific as possible at the time of determining your main goals.

You need to determine the target market, the target audience or cement of customers you want to reach, how quickly you need to see results, as well as what kind of content can bring in prospects.

2. Using Keyword Research Tools

Finding keywords that are relevant to the target audience’s search is actually easy. You can use the free tools available to do keyword research such as, Google Keyword Planner, or Ubersuggest.

Some of those tools really help you in finding keywords that are relevant and have search volume. If you upgrade the search tool to paid, then you can see the number of people searching for it and even you can see your competitors.

Involving keyword research tools when you search for keywords is the right decision, as it can help you find relevant keywords. Not only that because if you use the right keywords and have search volume it can help bring in quality leads.

3. Positioning You into a Customer

If you position yourself to be a customer this will make it easier for you to find the same keywords as the customer uses. Although it is not 100% the same, you know what customers will type through a Google search when they want to find the product / service you offer.

The more you know about what your target audience is looking for and they type keywords in search engines, the better for the completeness of your content. Of course, this is good for increasing rankings while bringing in people who are on point.

4. Analyze Your Competition

The next easy way to choose the right keywords is to analyze your competition. The benefits of checking the competition can help you find out what kind of content search engines and users like. And this can also make the idea of creating content on your website with relevant keywords.

Competitor analysis can be through your competitor’s website. Pick a few competitors and see what keywords they use to attract more traffic to their website. Read their content and pay attention to the keywords or phrases they use as well as pay attention to the way they provide solutions to readers.

By reading the content belonging to competitors can help you to present better content with the same keyword ideas as your competitors. It can also help you excel in terms of search engine quality and rankings.


Whatever industry you certainly need keywords in your online marketing, especially if you use SEO strategies. Well hopefully this article can help you make it easier to find relevant keywords.

If you need help from an expert, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you to find relevant keywords related to your industry which certainly have search volume.



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