The Importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Business


In addition to SEO you can also do Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is also one way to display your website on page one of search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have the same goal, which is to display your website in the best position in search engine search results. But of course both have differences that you should understand, keep reading to find out!

Maybe all this time you are very familiar with the term SEO, where SEO is one of the digital marketing strategies that are widely used by online entrepreneurs around the world. But there is one digital marketing strategy that is no less popular than SEO, namely SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Search Engine Marketing is also quite popular among online entrepreneurs. Many online entrepreneurs run Search Engine Marketing strategies accompanied by SEO to produce quality visitors. So, if Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is different from SEO, then what is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a marketing practice that includes all the tools, techniques and strategies to display your website on page one of search engines with paid advertising. SEM is a way to optimize the visibility of websites and web pages on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing by using paid advertising to make your website appear on the page 1 search result.

When you do Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to promote your business. Then you need to bid on specific keywords to show your ads in search results for those keywords. PPC advertising such as Google Ads is included in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where efforts are made to display websites in search engines using paid advertising per click.

The biggest advantage of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that it gives you the opportunity to show your ads to your target audience who are ready to buy at the right time when they are ready to make purchases of your products or services. You could say there is no advertising medium that can do this other than Search Engine Marketing. That’s why Search Engine Marketing is a very effective and powerful way to improve your business.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s presence in search engines that aims to attract more quality traffic to your website. If you want to double your brand’s visibility to achieve faster marketing results, you can invest in Search Engine Marketing.

 What’s the Difference Between SEM VS SEO?

Although both have the same goal, which is to display the website on page one of search engines to generate traffic. But SEM and SEO are different.

In general, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a paid search marketing strategy. Where business owners have to pay to search engines like Google to display their ads in search results. The most popular type of paid search engine marketing is Google Ads, where Google Ads is under the auspices of the largest search engine in the world, Google.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is different from SEM because you don’t have to pay Google for every traffic and click you get. With SEO you can get clicks and traffic for free as long as you are able to display the most relevant content for a particular keyword search.

Keep in mind that both are equally important in your digital marketing. Both SEO and SEM should be the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO is a powerful method to continuously drive organic traffic to your website, while search engine ads like Google Ads to drive faster conversions.

The Plus Value of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for Your Business

Each marketing strategy has its own goals that can benefit those who run it. Likewise with Search Engine Marketing, which provides benefits such as the following:

  1. Generate Highly Quality Traffic

By doing Scatter Machine Marketing like Google Ads can help you generate quality traffic in a relatively fast time. Search Engine Marketing can speed up your business getting customers. SEM works by displaying your ads when your target audience searches using specific keywords related to your industry.

  1. Create Visibility

Even if your ad is not clicked on by the target audience, if your brand appears in the top positions of search engines like Google can make your brand more recognizable.

  1. Generate Faster Conversions

The main goal of SEO and SEM is the same, which is to generate conversions. But with Google Ads, you can increase your business conversions faster. Usually to do this you need to optimize the landing page by placing the target audience on the path to conversion.

  1. Get More Maximum Results From the Budget You Prepare

What’s more advantageous than Search Engine Marketing is that it’s a perfectly suitable solution for scaling businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s large companies or SMEs can do search engine marketing such as Google Ads. Google Ads or Google Ads is a fairly affordable minimum investment.

If your brand has already started to grow, then you can increase the investment and complexity of the campaign to continue to grow. Plus, Google Ads is pay-per-click advertising, so you can make sure your budget is being used as hard as possible.

  1. Get Measurable Results

Doing search engine marketing like Google Ads will keep you aware of what’s going on at all times. You can get measurable results by looking at your campaign metrics. If the way you do it is less than optimal, you can immediately fix it to produce a more optimal campaign.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has a great influence in businesses to achieve goals in a faster and measurable way. If you implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM) coupled with SEO will greatly improve the development of your business in the present and the future. To do so, ideally you need to use a professional who has experience in positioning your brand in search engines.


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