Disadvantages If You Stop Running SEO Strategies


Are you planning to stop implementing SEO on your website or have you even stopped? If you care about rankings and website traffic then you must know the disadvantages if you stop running SEO strategies. Because if the website is left without being optimized properly, the potential to get a higher ranking will be difficult. And if your website doesn’t get a higher ranking then potential buyers will have a hard time finding your brand.

Maybe you know that websites that don’t appear on page one of Google for relevant keywords will have a hard time getting potential visitors. That’s why stopping doing SEO on websites is a bad idea. Because it’s the same way you close potential customers’ access to your store. They’ll have a hard time finding your brand in the search results that ultimately your competitors are the ones they choose.

One way to optimize a website to appear on page one of Google is with SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving website vision to generate more potential traffic. By applying the correct SEO techniques will help improve website rankings so that it can generate more quality traffic.

So if you stop doing SEO on the website, is there an impact that will occur? Of course there are, here are some disadvantages if you stop running SEO strategies on your website.

  1. Declining Rankings

SEO is indeed a long-term investment but that doesn’t mean that when your rankings have risen, you can stop implementing SEO. Maybe you know that there are thousands of websites competing for rank one. If you you stop doing SEO and your competitors keep updating their SEO strategies it is not impossible that your rankings will be displaced.

If your ranking is shifted by competitors who continue to do SEO on their website, your ranking will continue to decline. And if the ranking decreases then it will have an effect on your traffic. Surely you don’t want to experience this, right? If you care about your ranking and website traffic then never think about quitting doing SEO.

  1. Decreased Website Traffic

The lower the ranking of your website, the lower the traffic. Because website rankings are very influential on traffic, so stopping SEO is tantamount to stopping the entry of traffic. In the world of online marketing, potential traffic is very important for businesses. Because website traffic is people who visit websites based on web pages they find through search engine searches, paid advertisements and links that are directed.

Potential traffic greatly affects the increase in sales. If your website has a lot of potential traffic then sales can increase. Just liken potential traffic to leads that can turn into sales. So if your website gets more leads then the chances of getting more sales are getting more wide open.

However, if you stop doing SEO on your website, it is likely that the impact that occurs is that your website traffic will decrease. If you continue to leave your website unoptimized for a long time then it will greatly affect your online sales.

  1. Affects Online Sales

Did you know that a website that experiences a decrease in ranking will greatly affect online sales? There are millions of people who are actively searching for products or services that are like yours in search engines. If your brand doesn’t appear on page one of search engine search results then how can they buy your product or service?

The less visible your website is in search engine search results, the harder it is for potential customers to find you. Just imagine if your store is the very back among your competitors, then potential buyers will prefer the store they meet in front of them rather than having to walk further to get to your store.

Similar to a website, if your website is on another page besides page one, then potential buyers are reluctant to look for a website that is far from page one. That’s why stopping doing SEO is a very bad idea. Because you have closed the access of potential buyers to your store.

So still thinking about stopping the SEO efforts that have been producing the rankings you have worked so hard to get? Never stop efforts that can help increase sales if you don’t want to lose customers. Always update your SEO knowledge to optimize the website with SEO strategies that are in accordance with the latest Google algorithms.


  • Don Michael

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