Powerful Ways to Brand Products Through Social Media


There are powerful ways to build product branding on social media that you can apply to your business. The digital era makes it easier for businesses to convey messages to consumers by presenting relevant content. People can easily get to know the brand of a business through the internet either through social media platforms or search engines.

It is common knowledge that social media is a digital platform that is quite effective for building product / business brands. There are many types of social media platforms that can be used to build product branding. As long as you do it right then it can benefit your business.

Now to help you do product branding through social media, we have prepared tips and tricks that can be applied to your business.

  1. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

In this world there are tons of social media platforms, so make sure you choose the right social media platform for your business. Because using all social media is not a good idea because you are unlikely to focus on dozens of social media at a time. That’s why you just need to choose a few social media that will be your focus.

The most popular social media and having millions or even billions of users can be a reference for you. But still choose a social media platform that is a hangout place for your target audience. Facebook, Intagram, Linkedin and Twitter are social media that have many users that you can consider.

  1. Customize The Look With Your Brand On Every Platform

Each social media platform does have a different appearance, but to make it easier for the target audience to get to know your brand, try to be consistent in using themes and content. Usually people who use the Facebook platform also use the Instgram and Twitter platforms. Therefore being consistent with the theme and content on each platform used can help the target audience remember your brand.

You can create social media accounts with themes that suit your brand, for example in terms of color, design and so on. You can include the company logo on social media accounts to make it easier for the target audience to remember your brand. It’s a pretty effective way of building product branding on social media. If you need the help of an online graphic designer to create a logo, you can directly contact our team.

  1. Using Relevant and Shareable Visual Content

Nowadays visual content is more effective because it attracts more interest from the target audience. You can present content that provides benefits to the target audience, for example with content that entertains, provides education, and also solutions to your target audience’s problems. You can package visual content uniquely and suit your business to keep identifying your brand.

No less important in content creation is to make your audience interested in sharing your content with their friends, relatives and relatives on social media. If you are able to present content that benefits your followers will go a long way in building the reputation of your business.

  1. Fast Response to Audience Response (Comment/ Message)

Customers will assume a business is a business that cares about its customers if you respond positively to people who comment on your posts or send messages. By replying to comments and messages from your followers, they feel that their voice is being heard by you.Surely this is very positive for your business as it will get you closer to them.

It can also help increase the credibility and visibility of your business which can ultimately increase sales. People who already believe in a company that sells a product or service will be more loyal to the company that provides the product / service.

  1. Be consistent

When you have decided to build branding through social media then you need to be consistent. Both through social media and search engines you need to be consistent in running it. You can set a schedule in posting content on each of your social media platforms. An effective way is to post content according to the hours people access those social media.

To make your followers not bored, you can present content that not only offers sales but with educational content. You can present content in the form of inspiring quotes, infographics and other entertaining content.

So that’s some tips for building product branding that you can apply to your business. If you need help in marketing your product/service online, please feel free to contact us!


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