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5 Success Factors of Building a Blog

5 Success Factors of Building a Blog

Want to know the success factors in building a blog? If you have just created a professional blog then the next stage is to develop it. Especially if your goal is to build a blog to earn income online, it must be developed. Blogs can be a money field if you run them seriously and in the right way. That’s why being a blogger is the desire of many people.

If you are blogging in the right way then you can become a successful blogger. Because the success of a blogger starts from the blogging they do. Blogging plays an important role in the growth of your blog that’s why you need to do writing activities and manage blogs in the right way.

Being a successful blogger who earns a lot of money online is the desire of many people. However, to become a successful blogger requires hard work, that is, it is necessary to apply clear concepts and correct strategies. Well to help you become a successful blogger, we have prepared an explanation of the success factors in building a blog. If you want to improve your blog, you need to read this piece of writing to the end.

  1. Consistently Update Quality Content

The success factor of building a blog is to always consistently update quality content. You need to consistently post content every day to make search engines crawl and index your blog on a daily basis. When you diligently post content on a blog, then search engines are also diligent in checking your blog page to be crawled and indexed. If you are consistent in doing this then it will be easier to get a rating.

Search engines and users prefer on blogs that diligently provide the latest content. Because consistently and diligently making posts will make your blog get better rankings so that it will be easier for users to find. Users will also prefer blogs that provide new information every day because they can get the latest information from your blog.

In addition when many pages of your blog are in the index it will be very profitable for you because the search engine will give you a ranking. If search engines give better rankings i.e. on page one of the search results then the chances of getting more traffic are even greater. If the blog gets a lot of potential traffic then it will be very profitable for you.

  1. Increase Blog Loading Speed

What you should not forget when you build a blog is to pay attention to the loading speed of your blog. Loading speed is very important because it affects the performance of your blog. Slow blogs will get a high bounce rate/ bounce rate which means that user satisfaction is very low. People who visit slow blogs will leave it immediately before the results are displayed.

There are a lot of losses due to slow blogs, namely losing rankings, traffic to sales. Surely if you build a blog to increase sales this will be very detrimental, right? Because it can greatly affect your sales. Moreover, it also has an effect on the reputation of your blog because people will not recommend slow blogs on others.

So to keep the blog getting rankings, traffic and increasing sales that is by applying the success factor of increasing this blog. You should make your blog faster i.e. ideally the blog speed is less than 3 seconds. Because by increasing the speed of the blog will greatly help improve the user experience and satisfaction.

  1. Create a Resposive and Mobile Friendly Blog

Currently, the use of smartphones has dominated internet users. Now internet users can access the internet from their smartphone devices easily and quickly. That’s why you need to create a responsive and mobile friendly blog. Because internet users prefer to use their smartphones in accessing the internet to find various information.

A responsive blog will make it easier for users to access your blog from their various devices such as smartphones or desktops. The responsive design will make your blog respond to various devices, namely adjusting the user’s device screen. For example, users visit your blog through a tablet or other type of smartphone then they don’t need to manually set the appearance. Because the appearance of the blog will adjust to the screen of the user’s device.

While the mobile friendly design will make it easier for smartphone users to access your blog. The display will remain professional even if it is accessed through the user’s smart phone. They don’t need to increase or reduce the size of the writing or images on your blog. Because the mobile friendly design has been designed to make the blog / website remain professional when accessed via a smart phone.

  1. Always Find Creative Ideas

Try to always find creative ideas every day in the creation of your blog posts. Creative ideas can be found on your competitors’ blogs even in doing keyword research. You can look on your competitor’s blog to find out what topics are not on your blog. If you have found a topic that you want to discuss, you can immediately make it more unique and creative than your competitor’s blog posts.

Keyword research is also one way to find creative ideas. You can use the keywords you get from keyword research in creating content every day. In addition, it will also make your posts get targeted visitors. Because the use of relevant keywords related to the industry you are focusing on will bring in people who are indeed interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Do SEO on Your Blog

Another success factor in building a blog is doing the right SEO. If a blog wants to get a higher ranking to bring in potential visitors then it is necessary to apply the correct SEO techniques. You need to apply onpage and off page SEO techniques to make search engines like your blog. But keep in mind you should not use the Black Hat SEO technique because this technique is banned by all search engines.

If you do SEO with the right strategy then the blog’s ranking will go up which can ultimately bring in more traffic. What is more advantageous than implementing SEO on a blog is to target people who are right on target. So if you hire a blog SEO service, it will be helped in targeting people who are right on target.

They apply onpage SEO techniques correctly i.e. by including relevant keywords related to your industry. So that brings in people who are interested in your industry, for example reading information related to your industry and even buying what you have to offer. This is the benefit of using a professional in optimizing your blog.

So those were some of the success factors in building a blog. If you need help from an expert please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to optimize your blog to rank better and generate more traffic.



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