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What is White Hat SEO? Why Should You Do It?

What is White Hat SEO? Why Should You Do It?

Maybe you are familiar with SEO but are you familiar with white hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization or ABBREVIATED as SEO is the process of improving website rankings with the aim of generating more quality traffic. If you do seo strategy with the right techniques then SEO can bring tremendous profit to your business.

However if you do SEO with techniques that are not liked by search engines like Google then this can be bad for your business. How could it not. Because if you do SEO techniques that do not comply with Google’s guidelines then your rankings will be lost and you will no longer get traffic.

Therefore, when you do SEO yourself or use SEO experts, make sure that the SEO techniques applied are techniques that are guided by the latest Google algorithms. You must know that there are SEO techniques that Google loves and that Google hates the most.

The SEO technique hated by Google is black hat SEO, where this technique is an act of manipulating search engines or tricking search engines into ranking higher. If you care about the future of your website then never do this technique on your website, because there are many disadvantages that can befall you.

While the SEO technique that is favored by search engines and recommended by the best SEO providers is the white hat SEO technique. This type of optimization is the most recommended strategy in an SEO project when you meet the best SEO experts. White hat SEO is a Google-led strategy to make websites more attractive and relevant to search engines and users.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a marketing strategy that is applied in optimizing website rankings on page one of search engine search results in accordance with search engine guidelines. Remember that your goal of doing SEO is to obtain long-term results. That’s why you need to do an SEO strategy that Google agrees with.

Doing a white hat of SEO does require hard work, but your fatigue will pay off with the results you will later get. By doing a white hat of SEO you will avoid Google Penalties that will be very detrimental to your business. Because websites affected by Google Penalty will experience a significant drop in rankings and traffic.

That’s why not applying black hat SEO techniques is a good idea. Because using fraudulent methods to rank higher in the SERPs will sooner or later get your website blacklisted which will later be very difficult get ranked back.

Why Should You Do White Hat SEO and Avoid Black Hat SEO?

If you want long-term benefits for your business, using white hat SEO is a wise choice. You probably know that Google keeps updating its algorithms all the time to avoid marketing strategies that manipulate Google to rank higher.

If you optimize your web pages using black hat SEO techniques sooner or later your website will be subject to Google penalties which will eventually be very detrimental to your business. Your ranking will drop and your traffic will be lost. If you lose potential traffic then you will also lose your revenue.

So it is very important for a business to run a white hat of SEO on every website it has. Because implementing a marketing strategy that is liked by Google can help your website generate more potential customers.

Tips for Doing White Hat SEO Techniques to Improve Rankings & Traffic

If you want your business website to provide a long-term return on your investment. Then you use a white hat SEO strategy for the growth of your business. We have prepared an effective white hat SEO technique that you can apply to your website.

  1. Focus On User Experience

Prioritizing user experience is the best way to make users feel at home on your website and engage. It is highly recommended if you cannot make website improvements such as loading speed and redesigning the website to make it more modern. You can ask for help with a website repair service that can help you have a professional and user-friendly website.

  1. Keyword Research

To generate targeted traffic then you have to use relevant keywords. That’s why you should do keyword research to find relevant keywords related to your industry. Doing keyword research is included in the white hat SEO technique and keyword research is a must-do. You can use free keyword research tools to find keywords that have search volume.

  1. Quality Content Creation

Once you find relevant keywords related to your industry, next you need to create SEO friendly content to get the best rankings on Google. When you create content then you have to focus on on page SEO where you have to pay attention to titles, title tags, headings, meta descriptions and much more. Make sure you create original content that way this is a white hat SEO technique.

  1. Build Link Building With White Hat SEO Techniques

Link Building is essential to help improve rankings and traffic. If you do it right then it can improve the quality of your web pages which can ultimately bring more traffic to your website.


Before doing digital marketing to promote a brand it is very important to know the white hat SEO method to survive and make long-term profits. If you need help from seo companies in the application of white hat SEO techniques please feel free to contact our team of SEO specialists!




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