Get to know Technical SEO and Its Benefits for Websites


What is technical SEO and what are the benefits for websites? If you are familiar with the term SEO, do you already know about technical SEO and its benefits for your website?  A few weeks ago we discussed  onpage and off page SEO which is a type of SEO that is also very important for websites.

There are 4 most common types of SEO optimization, one of which is technical SEO. This is the type of initial optimization that must be done on the website because technical SEO is the foundation of an SEO strategy. So make sure you understand all aspects about technical SEO when you learn about SEO strategies.

Definition of Technical SEO

So What is technical SEO? Technical SEO is the process of optimizing websites and servers to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index web pages. Technical SEO itself optimizes websites in terms of page speed, internal links, security and more. This type of SEO optimization makes your website easier to understand by users and crawlers so that it can affect rankings in search engines.

Technical SEO can help your website rank higher in search engine search results. Because your website is optimized for a better user experience along with the implementation of content SEO. This allows the website to be accessed by search engines in providing rankings so that customers can find your content.

Why Is Technical SEO Important?


If your goal is to build a website to display your brand on the front page of search engines to bring in customers. Then you need to do technical SEO to  make it easier for search engines to rank higher on your website.  Here are some reasons why you need to do technical SEO on your website.

  1. Technical SEO helps search engines crawl, understand and index your web pages.
  2. Greatly affects the ranking of a website in search engines.
  3. Optimizing websites and servers for website
  4. Influencing user actions and decisions.
  5. Greatly affects the prospects and sales of your website.
  6. Help your brand compete with other competitors who use SEO to even win the competition.

Now you know why technical SEO is so important for your business. So from now on you are not only focusing on onpage and off page SEO but also on technical SEO. Because SEO techniques have many benefits for your website.

Advantages of a Website That Optimizes With Technical SEO

The website must be optimized so that it can perform better and can bring in customers. Because successful online businesses are those that are able to bring in more customers. One of the best ways to bring in customers is to do SEO on the website. Here are the advantages of technical SEO if applied to a website.

1. Load Pages Faster

The benefit of implementing technical SEO on a website is that it makes the website faster to load. Website speed is very influential on ranking and user satisfaction, therefore speed optimization is very important. One that makes the bouce rate high because the website is slow to load. People who visit your website will leave immediately before your web page opens. Therefore, the bouce rate on the website becomes high, this shows that user satisfaction is low.

However, if the website is optimized in terms of speed, it can help increase user satisfaction which in turn can affect search engine rankings. So when you pay attention to website speed then you can get two advantages at once at a time.  Namely increasing user satisfaction and the second is that it can improve the ranking of your website in search engines.

2. More SEO-Friendly

One of the absolute requirements that affect the success of digital marketing is to make a website SEO friendly. An SEO friendly website is easier to rank if you also consistently post relevant and quality content. Because SEO-friendly websites are easier to ray and indexed by search engines so that search engines can understand each of your web pages.

If you create relevant and quality content then search engines will more easily give higher rankings in search results. Search engines like and recommend SEO-friendly websites because it will make it easier for search engines to rank. So doing technical SEO on the website is very important because it can affect your ranking.

3. Fix dead links

When a business owner does not do SEO on his website, let alone technical SEO, he will never know that there is a dead link. But if you are actively doing technical SEO then you can find out about your website even those links that don’t work. When it finds out that  there is a link that is not working properly or is dead you can immediately make improvements to your web page link.

Did you know that links are also very influential on website rankings? If many links are not suitable, it will have an effect on the downgrade. However if you do technical SEO then you will know which links are not appropriate and fix them immediately.

4. Avoid Duplicate Content

Surely you know that duplicate content is strongly not recommended by any search engine. Neither Google, Yahoo nor Bing   unoriginal content will not be liked and will not even be  ranked higher. Well one way to avoid duplicate content is to do technical SEO.

You can make sure the content you create is not duplicated from other  people’s content or on your own website.  To help you avoid duplicate content, you can use several free plagiarism checker tools to make sure the content you create is  not the same as other  people’s content and even content  others that are on your website.

5. Maintained Security

Website security is very important for both users and website owners. A safe website is preferred by search engines and users, search engines will improve the ranking of a safe website. Whereas users will not hesitate to visit websites that offer the security of their data. Just imagine if your website is not safe, then search engines will not recommend your website to users.

Whereas users don’t want to take risks if they have to visit unsafe websites. They will be scared and rethink when they come across a website that does not keep visitors’ data safe. Therefore, doing technical SEO to improve security is one of the effective ways to keep your website safe from hackers and crackers.

6. More Structured Data

Technical SEO makes website data more structured so that it  makes it easier for search engines to understand your website. It is also very beneficial because it can help search engines raise the ranking of your web pages in higher search results. Your website needs to have structured data to help search engines and users easily find you.

So that’s what technical SEO is, its benefits and advantages for your business. So make sure you do technical SEO to  make sure your website performs better to generate more visitors. If you need help seo services that are experts in doing technical SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO and Content SEO just contact us. We are ready to make your website more up-to-date that can appear on page one search engine to compete.



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